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Security Integration Services


We go further than installation, and servicing of Video & Audio Surveillance, Access Control, and Commercial Alarms. We integrate security infrastructure into other business procedures and processes to maximize return on investment.


Our proven track record of successful projects that integrate Video surveillance, commercial alarm and access control solutions with industrial process controls, human resource systems and occupational health and safety systems.

Our primary goal is maximizing an organization’s investment in security infrastructure. We achieve this by ensuring our security systems effectively manage your security needs while also supporting and enhancing a wide variety of operational processes and procedures.

Security Integration Services

SCI Services specializes design and management of complex systems over their life cycles. Our systems engineering & integration process begins by discovering the problems that need to be resolved. Then we find solutions to these problems. 

Bringing together your components into
one system delivering overarching functionality
and adding value to your company. 

We offer a complete solution by assembling experienced teams to deliver a complete project from the ground up or retrofit of existing systems and equipment.


“Solutions Not Problems”

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