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Security Integration Services

We offer a complete solution by assembling experienced teams to deliver a complete project from the ground up or retrofit of existing systems and equipment. Project management involves careful analysis, planning and organization of your resources to move to an integrated security system. 

  • Site Surveys to determine design requirements.

  •  Document production for Integrated Electronic Security Systems.

  • Coordination, scheduling with owners, contractors and sub-contractors.

  • Final inspections and systems commissioning.

  • Site Surveys and Budget development for potential upgrade projects.

  • Installation of integrated security system.

  • Provide labor resources for multiple projects.

  • Service and maintenance.

  • Design Review

  • Scheduling

  • Site Surveys and Field Inspections

  • Shop Drawing overview and consult.

  • Coordination with multiple contractor disciplines to insure overall schedule conformation and milestone targets were met on multiple flow lines.

  • Document and shop drawing design and preparation

  • Document review for compliance

  • Proposal review to ensure end-to-end work scope

  • Change-order proposal review

  • Analysis of prerequisite activities and time frames required for various phases of security systems work

  • Site Surveys and preliminary and final inspections, including systems commissioning

  • Security systems and equipment assessments

  • Service and maintenance of existing systems

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